About Carl Vernlund

I offer professional architectural and interior design photography throughout New England. Specializing in creating stunning photographs for publication, I passionately believe the most important element in architectural photography is the skillful use of light. Whether its modifying available light or creating lighting for the entire scene with flash or tungsten units, the key to great color, surface texture and the delineation of form, is the way I shape the light. With a background in traditional film based studio room set photography, I enjoy the control that digital photography affords in illustrating the most beautiful and dramatic spaces. Digital allows me to work faster and with greater accuracy, either in camera, or as I capture elements that are assembled in post production to capture the essence of the built environment.

Offering services in both commercial and residential settings, I enjoy working cooperatively with clients to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Teamwork and collaboration create the best creative solutions. Many of my architectural clients trust me to shoot all their projects, year after year.  I enjoy these long term relationships and strive to always satisfy and exceed their expectations.

If you are an architectural or interior design firm in need of professional architectural photography, contact me today to schedule a consultation on your next project.